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The public domain

If a writing is in the public domain, in this case, it can be used free in any book. This involves heroes like Robin Hood, Hercules, Odysseus, Dorian Grey, and graph Dracula (which is why there’s a nearly constant production of films, books, and computer games having these characters).  If you are worried about this you could alway hire someone like a New Orleans Private Investigator or  just an investigator in your city.

In the United States, the author holds their rights on a book for the entirety of their life, adding the 70 years that pass after their demise. Or, if the book is issued anonymously or by hire, 95 years from issue or 120 years of creation (whatever is shorter). This differs from country to country but is, in general, the norm.

That indicates that a great number of the world’s most recognizable and well-known characters are accessible for fiction writers to treat howsoever they want.

But beware!

Copyright is a complicated process, and there are a big number of public domain heroes who are popular because of aspects added by later books. The most popular example is Universal’s hold by Frankenstein’s Creature. Mary Shelley’s eccentric novel is rare in the way of picturing for the character, and thus Universal invented their unique look when putting the creature onto the large screen.  If want to do a website you may want to get a local company in your area!  You also try a website like Manta to get more information about them.

This denotes that you are able to write about Shelley’s Frankenstein, but if it has gray skin, a flat head, and/or screws through the neck, in this case, you are encroaching on Universal’s literary property.


In the United States and many different countries, writers have copyright on their books. Copyright grants the author the single right to create derivative books, basically books which use protected details of the origin material. This is a rather cut-and-dry state you cannot rightfully use their heroes in your writing.  If you wanting more information about Investigating check out Crescent Investigations Website.

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